Absolutely Freak Out: Zap Your Mind!

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Absolutely Freak Out: Zap Your Mind! by Acid Mothers Temple

“Star Child Vs Third Bad Stone”

“Supernal Infinite Space”

“Waikiki Easy Meat”

“Grapefluit March”

“Virgin U.F.O.”

“Let’s Have A Ball”

“Pagan Nova”

“Stone Stoner”

“The Incipient Light Of The Echoes”

“Magic Aum Rock”

“Mercurical Megatronic Meninx”

“Childern Of The Drab”

“Surfin’ Paris-Texas”

“Virgin U.F.O. Feed Back”

“The Kiss That Took A Trip”

“Magic Aum Rock Again”

“Love Is Overborne”

“Fly High”

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