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Aida by Elton John

“Act One: Every Story Is A Love Story”

“Act One: Fortune Favors The Brave”

“Act One: The Past Is Another Land”

“Act One: Another Pyramid”

“Act One: How I Know You”

“Act One: My Strongest Suit”

“Act One: Enchantment Passing Through”

“Act One: My Strongest Suit (Reprise)”

“Act One: Dance Of The Robe”

“Act One: Not Me”

“Act One: Elaborate Lives”

“Act One: The Gods Love Nubia”

“Act Two: A Step Too Far”

“Act Two: Easy As Life”

“Act Two: Like A Father, Like Son”

“Act Two: Radames’ Letter”

“Act Two: How I Know You (Reprise)”

“Act Two: Written In The Stars”

“Act Two: I Know The Truth”

“Act Two: Elaborate Lives (Reprise)”

“Act Two: Enchantment Passing Through (Reprise)”

“Act Two: Every Story Is A Love Story (Reprise)”

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