Bob Seger Concert Tour – Don’t Miss This Chance to Enjoy Live

After devoting over 50 years into his trademark meat-and-potatoes roll and rock, Seger is completely warranted in retiring from life on the street. While he was somewhat creaky on Saturday, Seger appeared to give his all in a two-hour poll of his consequential profession.

Bob Seger Concert

Sometimes seated with his acoustic guitar, at others on the other side of the piano and in others energetically walking the point, climbing on the risers, causing the audience in sing-alongs and pumping his fists in the air, the Michigan legend gave”every ounce of electricity” he’d to the Grand Rapids crowd, unmistakably enjoying himself from begin to finish. Lots of present acts such as Blue Water Highway, the Texas quintet that started Saturday’s series, have a likewise reverent strategy. Yet they are outliers in a moment where time-honored seems are marginalized.

He fared best while seated in a piano or while strumming an acoustic guitar knocking on a seat through quiet selections. Bob Seger concert tickets discount is available and its limited time offer. A stunning reading of this sly tune of attraction”We’ve Got Tonight,” a leading interpretation of Rodney Crowell’s”Shame on the Moon,” and a recasting of those nostalgic”Night Moves” were completely persuasive.

While Seger’s set record did not change much from his past Grand Rapids look 14 weeks before, nobody in the crowd seemed to mind. They saw what they arrived and expected to seethe start of what will undoubtedly be a memorable and long goodbye, which comprises another series at Van Andel Arena on Jan. 5. Never miss this Bob Seger concert tour.

So it is not surprising that the treasured Michigan rock icon started his own”final tour” in the 12,000-seat place on the day before Thanksgiving, nearly 12 years to the day after he left a much-ballyhooed return to the point at Grand Rapids after a decade-long hiatus in the street.

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