Commissions for writers updated

We have restructured the way commissions are stored in the database and in doing so have had to recalculate some writers’ commissions dating back to October 2007. The total you see at the top of your page is the revised amount.

A couple reminders about commissions on Music Nerds — until further notice, you will receive 100% of commissions that come from people clicking on your album, song, article or list pages. In addition to that, Google AdSense ads sprinkled around the site are totalled each month, and each writer who had at least one thing published during (or before) that month gets a percentage of the AdSense total. (The more things published, the higher a percentage.)

In addition, album and song pages that have no review yet will be assigned a writer’s commission id at random upon each page load, so if someone clicks such a page that happens to have your id embedded in it, you get commissions as if it were your page.

Any questions or comments, email admin (at) music-nerds (dot) com.

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