Crazy Diamond

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Crazy Diamond by Syd Barrett


“No Good Trying”

“Love You”

“No Man’s Land”

“Dark Globe”

“Here I Go”


“Golden Hair”

“Long Gone”

“She Took A Long Cold Look”


“If It’s In You”

“Late Night”

“Octopus (Takes 1 & 2)”

“It’s No Good Trying (Take 5)”

“Love You (Take 1)”

“Love You (Take 3)”

“She Took A Long Cold Look At Me (Take 4)”

“Golden Hair (Take 5)”

“Baby Lemonade”

“Love Song”


“It Is Obvious”



“Gigolo Aunt”

“Waving My Arms In The Air”

“I Never Lied To You”

“Wined And Dined”


“Effervescing Elephant”

“Baby Lemonade (Take 1)”

“Waving My Arms In The Air (Take 1)”

“I Never Lied To You (Take 1)”

“Love Song (Take 1)”

“Dominoes (Take 1)”

“Dominoes (Take 2)”

“It’s Obvious (Take 2)”


“Clowns & Jugglers”


“Golden Hair”

“Dolly Rocker”

“Word Song”

“Wined And Dined”

“Swan Lee (Silas Lang)”

“Birdie Hop”

“Let’s Split”

“Lanky (Part 1)”

“Wouldn’t You Miss Me (Dark Globe)”

“Milky Way”

“Golden Hair”

“Gigolo Aunt (Take 9)”

“It Is Obvious (Take 3)”

“It Is Obvious (Take 5)”

“Clowns & Jugglers (Take 1)”

“Late Night (Take 2)”

“Effervescing Elephant (Take 2)”

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