Having fun and making a little extra money in the process..

Hey, it’s not for everyone.

But if you love music and can write interesting, track-by-track reviews/interpretations/obsessive screeds about your favorite albums, Music Nerds may be for you. And you’d definitely be for us.

We have thousands of albums in our database, and each one needs a track-by-track review. Our reviews are submitted by music fans from all over the globe, touching every genre and era. We try to keep the guidelines minor; your review is your space to opine, explicate and illuminate.

Each album only has one review here, though; once someone gets a review published that’s it for that album. This is why if you really need to write about some specific album, you should go ahead and claim it before someone else does. Once you claim an album (via links on any album or song page) you will have seven days to submit your review. An admin will then look it over, tweak it if necessary, and either accept it or send you an email explaining what changes we need.

Since this is a user-content driven site (by necessity — multiple music nerd viewpoints make the place much more interesting), everyone that gets published here gets entered into the revenue sharing program. There are links to places like the iTunes Music Store and Amazon placed around the site. If someone clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase from one of your pages, you get some* of the commission.

* Actually, you get all such commission for now… while we build up our database and get more and more writers, we are keeping NO money for ourselves. All revenue goes to writers. If a link on a writer-less page earns some commission, it is given to a writer at random. The more reviews you get published, the more likely it is you will be chosen for such commissions.

(Note about Google AdSense: Revenue from these ads is not page-specific; rather, sitewide revenue is added up and divided up among the writers each month, again favoring those with more reviews published.)

Writers are paid each month, unless they have less than $15 (it is carried over to the next month in that case). We pay via PayPal.

How to get started
1. Find an album you want to write a review for, and if nobody else has yet, claim it (you’l see a link on the album’s page). [Don’t see the one you want to write about? Tell us here and we’ll add it.] After claiming, you’ll have seven days to submit your review.

2. Write your intuitive, engrossing track-by-track guide. All reviews must be written especially for Music Nerds; no copying from other pre-published sources, even if you wrote it.

3. Go to your member page, click “Submit guide”, and copy and paste your review. You can preview everything before publishing, save a draft, and/or edit it until a Music Nerds editor gets a hold of it. After it’s been published, it isn’t editable.

Writing guidelines
The guide you write is your own opinion of the album, but factual information is important too. Write descriptively and entertainingly about what you like and what you don’t like, and why. To this, add biographical and other information about the artist/album.

You can quote song lyrics, but don’t make them too much of your review. Most of it should be your words. (Lengthy lyrics quotes will be edited down.)

There are no real guidelines on the number of words for either the Overview or Track-by-Track, but the idea is to include at least a couple good paragraphs per track, more for longer songs. If you love a song and can go on and on about exactly why, you’re for us. One or two short sentences isn’t enough.

We’d also suggest actually listening, if possible, to the album while you write. Even if you’ve heard it a zillion times. It helps us, anyway.

Obviously, don’t expect billions of dollars overnight. This is much more about connecting with other music lovers and finding new stuff to listen to than getting rich. With more quality guides, and more time, everyone’s pages on Music Nerds will eventually get more visitors. But give it time — be patient and keep writing!

Music Nerds reserves the right to end its relationship with any contributor in whole or in part at our discretion. (Of course, we won’t keep any guide on our site without paying the proper commissions to the writer.)