Highway To Hell

AC/DC was a band that was consistently great. Most of the time an entire album was good and you could listen from beginning to end and have a good feeling about it.

Highway To Hell was the album that was going to make the band famous, and with that in mind, AC/DC took a step away from its usual consistent format and toward recording this career-making album.

The album features many brilliant songs, which are still often heard nearly twenty years after they were recorded. These songs are fantastic, and burn so brightly they outshine some of the lackluster songs or downright failures.

Highway To Hell is a dark album. And the great songs of the album are the ones that are lighter, like AC/DC’s regular stuff.

While I am a huge fan of AC/DC, and do love most of the album, I do believe that Highway To Hell wouldn’t have been received as well if Bon Scott hadn’t died soon after.

Anyway, while Highway To Hell is one of those outlying albums which doesn’t fit with a band’s catalogue, it is a worthwhile album. Thank God though that we live in a time of single track purchasing.

To sum up the album, Highway To Hell has a handful of extraordinary songs, scattered throughout forgettable tracks and some plain bad ones. Whether or not it’s a complete masterpiece is irrelevant; from an artist’s point of view, every track helps paint the picture that was intended. Make up your own mind about it though.

Highway To Hell by AC/DC

“Highway To Hell”

“Girls Got Rhythm”

“Walk All Over You”

“Touch Too Much”

“Beating Around The Bush”

“Shot Down In Flames”

“Get It Hot”

“If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)”

“Love Hungry Man”

“Night Prowler”

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