Let There Be Rock

When AC/DC launched their assault overseas, their first port of call was merry old England. Once there, their attitude and relatively short, furious songs had them riding the punk zeitgeist. But AC/DC were never a punk band. If you place yourself in those times, yeah, you can understand how they were (mainly by lazy journalists) considered as part of the movement, but AC/DC had their own different ideals. And there was one big difference between AC/DC and punk bands: AC/DC would spit back.

Which they metaphorically did with Let There Be Rock. It spat both in the face of the punk movement with its prophetic title (and started the band’s move away from shorter songs to longer pieces) and current so-called rock bands. The title of the album wasn’t just boasting. It was a succinct statement of fact. Their first classic album is a collection of 8 ferocious tracks of rock ‘n’ roll that no band at that time (punk or rock) could deliver; it was the start of AC/DC’s run of legendary albums. And as that era started, it marked the end of bassist Mark Evans’ tenure with the band. Differences with Angus soon lead to him to make a choice and leave the band.

After tinkering for the first three albums, AC/DC had settled on a formula that was going to take over the world. The golden age of AC/DC had started.

Let There Be Rock by AC/DC

“Go Down”

“Dog Eat Dog”

“Let There Be Rock”

“Bad Boy Boogie”

“Problem Child”


“Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be”

“Whole Lotta Rosie”

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