Live Evolution

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Live Evolution by Queensrÿche

“NM 156”

“Walk In The Shadows”

“Roads To Madness”

“The Lady Wore Black”


“Screaming In Digital”

“Take Hold Of The Flame”

“Queen Of The Reich”

“I Remember Now”

“Revolution Calling”

“Spreading The Disease”

“Electric Requiem”

“Spreading The Disease (Part II)”

“The Mission”

“Suite Sister Mary”

“I Don’t Believe In Love”

“Eyes Of A Stranger”

“I Am I”

“My Empty Room”



“Silent Lucidity”

“Another Rainy Night”

“Jet City Woman”

“Liquid Sky”

“Sacred Ground”

“Falling Down”

“Hit The Black”


“The Right Side Of My Mind”

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