Loaded [Fully Loaded Edition]

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Loaded [Fully Loaded Edition] by The Velvet Underground

“Who Loves The Sun”

“Sweet Jane” [Full-Length Version]

“Rock & Roll” [Full-Length Version]

“Cool It Down”

“New Age” [Long Version]

“Head Held High”

“Lonesome Cowboy Bill”

“I Found A Reason”

“Train Round The Bend”

“Oh! Sweet Nuthin'”

“Ride Into The Sun” [demo]

“Ocean” [outtake]

“I’m Sticking With You” [outtake]

“I Love You” [demo]

“Rock & Roll” [Alternate]

“Head Held High” [Alternate]

“Who Loves The Sun” [Alternate Mix]

“Sweet Jane” [Early Version]

“Rock & Roll” [Demo]

“Cool It Down” [Early Version]

“New Age” [Full-Length Version]

“Head Held High” [Early Version]

“Lonesome Cowboy Bill” [Early Version]

“I Found A Reason” [Demo]

“Train Round The Bend” [Alternate Mix]

“Oh! Sweet Nuthin'” [Early Version]

“Ocean” [Demo]

“I Love You” [Outtake]

“Satellite Of Love” [Alternate Demo]

“Oh Gin” [Demo]

“Walk And Talk” [Demo]

“Sad Song” [Demo]

“Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall” [Demo]

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