NEW FEATURE: Add any artist/album to our database yourself

e know lots of people would like to write up an album review but can’t because we don’t have it in our database. It was always our intention to devote a certain percentage of time to adding albums but it turns out that other aspects of the site maintenance keep us busier than expected.

The new add album buttonSo finally, any user can now add albums to our database. It’s a pretty simple process:

1. Select the artist or type in a new artist name.
2. Type a list of albums to add along with their year of release. (NOTE you can do this automatically by copy and pasting a link to any discography URL instead; this is much easier if adding several albums by a single artist).
3. For each album, we automatically search for a cover image and a song list; you check these over and if ok, click OK.

That’s it. Basically, you tell us the artist and albums list, and we try to do as much of the rest of the work as possible. Albums added like this won’t be immediately visible, but an admin will look over it soon and if it’s all in order, add them to the listings. They can then be claimed, written up, picked apart, commented on, etc. Every step is explained better on the actual page where you add an album.

Thanks to ant who helped us test this tool out. He claims there was no major problem so we’re hoping that is true, and that his experience wasn’t flawless as a mere result of his technical genius. Either way send him a private message and thank him.

Any problems, questions, or suggestions go to the usual place, admin (at) music-nerds (dot) com.

Try the add-an-album link here.

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