Queen: Brian May drops EXCITING bombshell about NEW music with Adam Lambert

Queen and Adam Lambert Tickets

Ruler symbol Brian May just uncovered energizing news about making new music with Adam Lambert and Roger Taylor as they get ready for a noteworthy show visit: “We are not a historical center piece.”

Queen and Adam Lambert

The band with their sensation new frontman are going to set out on an immense North American visit in July. Fans have grasped the new line-up however have begun to acknowledge this is the extent that it goes for Queen in the advanced period. Lambert, May and Roger Taylor have all recently remarked that it was far-fetched they could ever endeavor to make any new Queen accounts or work on new material. As of not long ago. May just gave a noteworthy new meeting with an unexpected sensation.

In a far reaching new component for Mojo magazine May and Taylor talk about the historical backdrop of Queen, the creation of Bohemian Rhapsody, their irritation from John Deacon and the new manifestation of the band with Adam Lambert.

It is clear how cheerful they are with their new frontman. Taylor says: “We can toss any Freddie tune at Adam and he can sing it.”

Be that as it may, May is the person who at last opens up the desire for new material when he uncovers he doesn’t need Queen to turn into “a gallery piece.”

May delineates for Mojo: “We’ve discussed composing melodies. It’s been examined.”

The Queen musician and guitarist clarifies their spotlight right presently is on the shows: “We’re a live outfit now and worried about giving most extreme incentive for cash in front of an audience. That implies playing tunes everyone knows. So the prospect of new music gets pushed away from plain sight.”

Beforehand, it was accepted there was zero chance of any new melodies, yet May likewise gives fans new expectation.

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