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Revenge! by Robbie Fulks

“We’re On The Road”

“You Shouldn’t Have”

“Fixin’ To Fall”

“Mad At A Girl”

“The Buck Starts Here”

“Goodbye, Good-Lookin'”

“Busy Not Crying”

“You Don’t Mean It (Soundcheck)”

“Rock Bottom, Pop.1”

“Cigarette State”

“Let’s Kill Saturday Night”

“Introductory Remarks By Amy Warren”

“That’s A Good Enough Reason”


“In Bristol Town One Bright Day”

“I Wanna Be Mama’d”

“Fake Jews Everywhere/The Death Of Enthusiasm”

“I Like Being Left Alone”

“Bluebirds Are Singing For Me”

“On A Real Good Day”

“President Garfield’s Hornpipe/Suza”

“Kelly Hogan’s Looking Hot/Closing Remarks”

“Away Out On The Old Saint Sabbath”

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